The Maze of Ufology


UFO, UAP, flying saucer, alien, E.T, Martian (rarely used these days), and a few more words jump off the page when you spot them. These words quickly launch your mind into the UFO phenomenon.
The mysterious ever changing subject of Ufology. It's an utter maze of many topics or subcategories that one could delve into. It has a rich history of incredible sightings and mystifying experiences, and others... not so incredible, hoaxes or events that are easily explained away.

The sightings and experiences that baffle us or change our worlds, are the ones we are really interested in. Saucer or disc shaped craft, triangles, cigar shapes, crescents, orbs, or lights in the sky that pull off maneuvers that defy everything about regular aircraft & drones...that we know of.

Some researchers have collated up to 90 different shaped UFO crafts recorded from around the World. Most likely the number is higher.

Strange incidents or life altering experiences, whether personal or in a group, evidence of strange events not only in the sky but also on the ground. The UFO topic is so complex that it is very difficult to determine what is really happening around us.

'The Five Ws:' When? Where? Who? What? Why?, The reason there's a huge amount of articles, books, websites, movies, TV shows, documentaries, conferences, radio shows, the list goes on. Once this subject garners your interest, for most, it never seems to let go. It's a fascinating subject matter.

Just listing a few of the subjects, for some it can immediately bring past experiences/incidents to mind. Some very disturbing, others positive. There is a huge amount of topics in the UFO field of study:

- Unidentified Craft/orb light sightings
- UFOs sighted by aircraft pilots
- Aircraft radar recording/monitoring
- E.T/Inter-dimensional being, outdoor encounters
- E.T/Inter-dimensional being, home visitations
- Abductions
- Alien implants (You must watch the documentary 'Patient Seventeen'.)
- Consciousness
- Channeling
- Full/Partial UFO Disclosure
- BigFoot/Cryptid encounters (If you believe they fit into the UFO category)
- Trace evidence of craft landing
- Crop circles
- Cattle or animal mutilations
- UFO Whistle-blowers
- Area 51
- Secret Space Program
- Government/Media cover-ups, spin, and ridicule factor
- Unacknowledged/Black Projects
- Intelligence agencies
- Secret and suppressed technologies
- Underground MiIlitary or E.T installations/bases
- Men In Black
- Strange vehicles surveilling people/parking outside homes
- Black helicopters
- Faked CGI UFO videos...can you identify them? It's not easy.
- etc...etc...etc

Exploring only one of these above, could lead a Researcher to years of study, never fully nailing it down.
For the average person, hours and hours of watching YouTube videos, documentaries, listening to radio, reading books and more.

Just when you think you have a full understanding of it, a disturbance will be created in your case or beliefs. New evidence can come to light and quickly make one look foolish or even discredit a persons work.
It's a brave researcher that suggests they have all the evidence and a full understanding of the subject. Of course we can all have our opinions.

For us regular people absorbed with UFOs and related topics, we always need to analyze the information put forward by key UFO researchers and authorities.
To identify or pick apart the main facts provided is constantly a challenge. More questions need to be asked. Each individual has their own version of the truth, depending on what they've experienced, who they've read, watched or listened too. Many, many people have a small piece to this puzzle, and boy what a puzzle it is.


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