Back Engineering and Sekret Machines


Who has read Sekret Machines? On the book cover it interestingly says "A novel based on actual events" and also "From the imagination of Tom Delonge".

What I find strange is I haven't read or heard any discussion around this book. Perhaps I missed it as I read this book a while after it was released. So it's based on facts, and from the imagination of Tom Delonge, perhaps to cover themselves for this bit:

In this book American fighter pilots are flying back engineered craft, triangles from memory that are in combat with UFO's regularly or should I say, ET flown craft.

Delonge has said that they call these things bugs and they are continually swatting these things out of the sky. Previously we didn't have tech that could get anywhere near them, now we are on a level playing field with some of them apparently. He also said that he has been told that pilots and their superiors stay awake at night about these events. Where as humanity, just goes along and can go to the movies and live our lives without worry and without any idea of these incredible events happening.

In my opinion, To The Stars are not going to just confirm that this is going on in mainstream media, it's the old story, they fear how we will react. However they are willing to put the details in a book, that far less people will actually take the time to read. The Movie will be very interesting.

I understand To The Stars have made a few mistakes, but the information in this book could be the key to all the secrecy. I think that is also why Emery Smith has had many different ET bodies and samples to work on. They are being shot down. I also think that is why Richard Dolan reported that the program 'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)' is or was called Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP). WEAPONS, that is very interesting.

I'd love to know others thoughts on this. I'd like to know thoughts on whats in the book, not so much about To The Stars mistakes they have made.

Do you believe this is really going on, American pilots (possibly other countries also) having dogfights with ET craft regularly?

Having this level of Weapons Tech would explain some of the missing money.

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