After Disclosure, will there be more BBQs?

Years from now, Disclosure has occurred, the secret is out and everyone on the planet is aware of other life in the Universe.

Other beings are regularly communicating and visiting us. They become our friends, we invite them over to our house, really!

Will there be more BBQ's after Disclosure? Isn't that what we do? Invite our friends over to share food and drink and entertain them.

Will they eat, or do they not need to? Do they need to drink? Can we coax them into eating with the great smell of onions or a steak? Being morbid for a second, wouldn't they be sick of BBQ's with the all the cattle they take?

We'd have a couple of drinks perhaps to relax and then of course then we'd want to share something deep with them or confide in them. We start, "I want to share something with you Arian, that I've never told anyone else". Arian stops us, "My friend, I know, I know already".

There would be no secrets, your mind has already been read, even before you spoke.

I think the conversation would be dominated by them as we would have so many questions. Hundreds even. Arian would say, "Just save your breath for a minute, I'll upload to you all the information that your curious mind is asking, instantly". Woah!, information overload, your head is spinning....

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